Five Links 2/15/19 Loleta Abi

Loleta Abi Romance Author

lasso, rope, hay, cowboy hat in barn




“I more or less raised myself. My father was a raging alcoholic and my mother
was fighting her own demons. Thank goodness I found some solace in writing.”
Sometimes finding yourself in life is letting go of who you thought you were
and accepting yourself flaws and all.

“I was out in the garden picking frosted kale last Sunday morning. Yes, that’s
the sort of rock and roll lifestyle I lead. Kale, grown in the garden, picked
on a frosty February morning, for the guinea pigs’ breakfast. It takes about
five minutes to lose the frostiness, in case you worry about giving my boys
frozen food. Frozen veg should not be given to guinea pigs (or any other animal
I can think of, save reindeer, maybe).”

“This post is focused on a…

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