Writing Personal Experience

A Writer's Path

by ARHuelsenbeck

Don’t you just love to lose yourself in a true story, whether it features romance, mystery, or humor? Reading how other people live life can enrich yours.

People like to read about four kinds of personal experiences:

  • those that are universal,
  • those that show a person overcoming obstacles or recovering from tragedy,
  • those that awaken nostalgia, and
  • those that are unique.

If you are reading this article, you undoubtedly have experiences you want to share. How do you write them so they resonate with your readers?

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1 thought on “Writing Personal Experience

  1. I write from personal experience for several reasons.
    1: Healing. A fair amount of my life has been spent wondering if I was going to see another sunrise. That’s tough on a soul. By writing about it, it helps me.
    2: Because I finally have something worth saying.
    3: It gives hope. If you can walk through Hell and come out the other side still standing and smiling, then maybe there’s something there that helps others.

    So, some of the stuff I write about:
    1: Fear, and keeping going in spite of it.
    2: Failure, and the need to get up, dust yourself off, and keep on going. I belong to the school of thought that says a the measure of a man or woman isn’t how soon they can be knocked down, but how long they choose to stay down.
    3: Love. Tough one, especially when there’s a boatload of betrayal in your past. Do you stay bitter about it, or do you take relationships as a new opportunity.
    4: Loss. How you react to and keep on marching when a friend passes away.

    That’s just a few, but having been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, I think they’re important to write about.

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