Book Sale: The Wedding Crasher by Kim Cox

99 Cents – This Weekend Only

9/28 – 9/30/2018

The Wedding Crasher (Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery Book)

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TWC-KindleCover1Lana is growing–her gift, her love life, bravery, and her dedication/deter-mination to help those in trouble before it’s too late.

Lana Malloy and Tony Calabria are to be married. The night before, Lana has a disturbing vision of a wedding. Was it a premonition of her own? With the help of the ghost of her aunt Lucy, Lana realizes it’s someone who will need her help and proceeds with her plans as scheduled.

During their honeymoon in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Lana’s visions become clearer. A young woman is abducted by a madman. The man plans to force his abductee to marry him if he isn’t stopped. Lana feels marriage isn’t the worst thing that could happen as she senses the threads of death circling this victim.

Lana can’t ignore these visions. Will Tony understand this isn’t an obsession, but a calling. Lana has to do whatever it takes to find this young woman? Will she be able to before it’s too late? If she doesn’t, life will never be the same.

With help of spirits from beyond, Lana jumps in head first to save Jada from the madman.

If you enjoy cutting edge paranormal, reminiscent of Ghost Whisperer, with a bit of romance and humor thrown in, you’ll love this book.

Purchase Today!


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