Make Your Eye Health A Priority

Great information on eye care.

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Dry Eye

Whether we wear glasses, contacts, or have 20/20 vision, we tend to neglect our eyes. They seldom receive the love and care they need. Writers and authors are especially guilty because so much of our work falls under deadline or scrutiny. We spend long hours staring into bright computer screens, trying to get it perfect. Do we recognize when our eyes are tremendously strained, or do we soldier on?

I learned a hard lesson when a diagnosis of severe dry eye halted my active lifestyle. On social media, I was limited to liking, sharing, and re-tweeting, and I had no choice except to pull out of two big writing projects. Now that I’m back, I want to share what I learned about keeping my eyes healthy.

My early symptoms were tearing, itching, and burning, which I ignored. Occasionally, I’d squeeze in eye drops which I later learned contained preservatives that…

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