Creating The Perfect Newsletter

Nicholas C. Rossis

This post was originally posted on the Azure Fire Publishing website.

Creating The Perfect Newsletter

For many authors, the Perfect Newsletter is like the alchemist’s philosophical stone: if we get it right, we can turn our books to gold! The newsletter is our way to reach our readers, create with them a long-standing relationship, make our books known, and even make some friends through the process. We authors love writing and connecting, and the newsletter combines both aspects in one. It should be considered one more hot trend to publishing!

So we spend time creating and putting together newsletters, and our hearts ache when someone unsubscribes. But just what is it that readers are looking for in a newsletter?

Jackie Weger of eNovel Authors At Work recently ran a survey looking for the answer to just that. She had hundreds of responses, and I had the opportunity to look…

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3 thoughts on “Creating The Perfect Newsletter

  1. Kim, shame on me for just getting around to saying Thank You for sharing Nicholas’s blog about the results of my subscriber survey. Nick sorted the responses for me or I’d’ve been lost. One of the things I wanted to learn was why subscribers sometimes did not open a newsletter. Honest answers every one. They have busy lives as do we all; jobs, kids, health issues or taking care of elderly family members. For some, having a few minutes to go on line and check emails is a luxury. A fact that is great to know because I often wondered what I was doing so wrong when I had a less than stellar open and click through rate. Our fans and readers have lives to lead just as we do.
    I hope your summer is going well. We’re suffering 100° heat in my corner of Texas.
    Best Regards from Jackie Weger

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    • My pleasure, Jackie. I belong to a number of newsletters but only spot read them most of the time. I think, as authors, we should strive to make them as short as possible for the busy reader.

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