Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Staci Troilo

ImpossibleAnother week has flown by. Deadlines are looming, and my pulse is tripping.

When I got sick Wednesday and lost a full day of production, I panicked.

Then I took a deep breath. Things were what they were. I lost that budgeted time. I was five thousand words in the hole. I could moan about it, but what good would that do me? I had to make it up.

So I did.

Thursday, I posted over ten thousand words, and I finished the first draft. Actually worked long enough to finish a day ahead of schedule, and I’m ready to start my first proof.

If you had asked me about writing that much in a day, I’d say I’d come close twice but never managed it. If you had asked me if I could do it while not quite over an illness, I’d have scoffed.

“Impossible,” I’d have said.


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