Do you really know what makes up a story?

Jean's Writing

Beginning, Middle, and End.

Okay, but what makes up those three pieces?

We can’t simply write:

  1. Beginning: She opened up the store each morning.
  2. Middle: She sold groceries all day.
  3. End: She closed the store at night.

No one would buy that story because it’s not a story.

What is the truth about the 3 story parts?

How do we cut it into bite-size, swallowable pieces? After all, none of us wants to choke on our own words.  

Once again, better writers than I prevail. Thanks to  over at The Creative Penn for sharing the solution by author Michaelbrent Collings

In his post, Mr. Collings breaks down the three parts of a story and how to apply them in very simple terms. So simple even I got it. LOL

Beginning: Starts with a wish/dream for something or someone.

  • Excuses Protagonist gives for not reaching for the dream.

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