Unique, beautiful or strange; how do you select the best name?

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Naming characters can be hard. Is for me. I worry over them like newborn babes.


Just how important is choosing the right name?

Turns out very! That is if you want to write memorable characters. No writer wants their readers to go whats-his-name killed whois.No, we want our characters to come alive on paper. Well, how do we select really good names? I don’t know all the answers but Anne R. Allenwrote a post…

10 Tips for Finding Memorable Character Names for your Fiction

In her post, she gives us ten things to consider when selecting names.

  1. Name only star players.
    • I love this tip. A delivery guy is just a delivery guy.
  2. Don’t confuse readers with same sounding names.
  3. Don’t change names in the middle of the story.
    • Nickname? State it up front and go with it. I need to give this some thought.
  4. Make sure the…

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2 thoughts on “Unique, beautiful or strange; how do you select the best name?

  1. You can still use the telephone book to get names. If that fails, there are dictionaries where names are listed. Usually those dictionaries have definitions of the name’s meaning, or they at least tell where the name came from.


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