Book Review Sunday: “The One Betrayed (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 3)” by Yvette M. Calleiro @YvetteMCalleiro


As with the two previous books in this series, Ms Calleiro does a wonderful job: The world building is fantastic, the character development is excellent, it has many plot twists, and the pacing is perfect.

After reading The One Betrayed, I wanted to read the last two right away and I did. Each book pushed me toward the next. I loved this series and can’t recommend Chronicles of Diasodz enough.

If like young adult or fantasy books with grit, you’ll love Chronicles of the Diasodz.

Get The One Betrayed now! You’ll be delighted you did.



When Sofia chose to leave Rafe to live with Ar’ch in another world, Rafe’s system shut down and sent him to an early death. But Rafe didn’t die, at least not permanently. Rafe is a Diasodz, and his death simply freed him from his human shell so that he could become the powerful Diasodz that he was meant to be.

He awakened to a completely new reality, a reality in which he was the prince to a kingdom of powerful beings. His parents, Drake and Damiana, were the rulers of the Raizyns, a group of Diasodz who were determined to take their rightful place in the world. And Rafe would be the savior who would lead them on their quest.

Rafe wanted to please his father, especially since he had just met him. To do that, he needed to learn how to fight like a Raizyn and how to master his newfound skill. He needed to become stronger, faster, and more powerful. Rafe needed to become the savior they all expected him to be. That was what was required of him.

But there was one thing that was more important than everything else. One person. Sofia. Rafe was going to find a way to get her back, even if it cost him his life. Again.


yvetteYvette M. Calleiro is a heavily addicted reader of both young adult and adult novels. She spends most of her time pseudo-living in paranormal worlds with her fictional friends (and boyfriends). She’s also been known to ride the stationary bike at her gym for hours while reading anything from paranormal to fantasy to suspenseful thrillers.

When she’s living among real people, Yvette M. Calleiro is a middle school Reading and Language Arts teacher. She’s been sharing her love of literature with her students for over twenty years. Besides writing about the various characters that whisper (and sometimes scream) in her head, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, spending quality time with family and friends, and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Yvette lives in Miami, Florida, with her beautiful son who allows her to enjoy children’s literature all over again. She also shares her space with an assortment of crazy saltwater animals in her 300-gallon tank.


Kim Cox is the author of the Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery series and the Style & Profile Romantic Suspense series. Her 2017 releases included, Before We Wed (book 2 in the Style & Profile Romantic Suspense series), Haunted by Her Past (book 5 in the Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery series), and Love’s Endurance (single novelette). Please visit Kim’s website for more information and pick up a free story.

Paranormal Mysteries

Pebble Beach Coast Before Coming Storm

Romantic Suspense




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A Haunted Murder (A Lin Coffin Mystery #1) by J.A. Whiting (Finished March 15, 2018)
The Stranger by Joan Hall (Finished March 4, 2018)

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Six Figure Author by Chris Fox (finished 10/20/2017)
The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Hercule Poirot #1) by Agatha Christie (finished 11/9/2017)
When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski (finished 11/18/2017)
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Write to Market by Chris Fox (Finished February 3, 2018)
Help! My Facebook Ads Suck by Michael Cooper (Finished February 3, 2018)

Books to Read

Acts Beyond Redemption (Unintended Consequences Book 1) by Suzanne Burke (Beginning Reading Now – about 30% complete)
I Kissed A Ghost by Robin Leigh Morgan
The Black Fox by Gordon Bickerstaff
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Abducted (Powell Book 2) by Bill Ward
The Glade by Harmony Kent
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The Gemstone Chronicles Book Two: The Amethyst by William Stuart
A Highland Ruby (Highland Treasures Book 2) by Brenda B. Taylor
Treachery & Triumph (The Genesis Saga Book 2) by John Fioravanti
Toxic Minds by Gordon Bickersaff
His Revenge by John W. Howell
Dog Bone Soup by Bette A. Stephens
Bound by the Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn
Deception (Powell Book 3) by Bill Ward
Mirror of Our Lives: Voices of Four Igbo Women  by Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

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