What is the best word for restaurant?

Jean's Writing

Do you use the best word to describe an eatery?

Like everything else in the world, one word doesn’t fit every location. And that includes where your characters choose to have a meal. I mean how many times can you write “they went to a restaurant?”

If you’ve followed my blog very long, you know I love lists.

I make lists for everything. Grocery lists, to-do lists, bills due, birthday lists, belated birthday lists, and then there are my writing lists. Like special words lists, descriptive words, adjectives, character lists, names to consider, see I love lists.

The problem is I often forget a list. Like arriving at the grocery store and leaving my must-have list on the fridge.

The good thing about writing is so many of errors can be fixed or changed during rewrite and edits. Thank God for rewrites! Or not. Wish I were a great writer that could spew prose like a whale…

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