Using Bad Ideas


by Chloe-Anne Ross

Other than uploading on time (sorry!) my biggest problem continues to be planning my novels. I plan on writing a series and right now I only have act 1 of W.OT.G worked out but even still I plan on re-working my plan.

My idea for the opening scene didn’t go so well and I knew I had to change the landscape she was climbing, the beasts she was running from and the compass she carried with her and just her entire word! No biggie : -/  hmm…right?

I’m a nightmare when it comes to writing because of how god awful I am at planning, it’s not uncommon for me that I have to scrap ideas or change most of it. I’ll end up writing a new novel than I set out to write and that’s ultimately a good thing here because my imagination gets a free-for-all.  I know how hard it can be to turn around and march back up to step 1 so here are  2 signs that you should and 3 tips for when you do!

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