What was that? I heard something.

Jean's Writing

Was it a car backfiring or a gunshot?

In the dead of night, you might not be sure. No one heard the noise but you. So you try and describe what you heard. Ever happen to you?

Describing sound is sort of like grasping at smoke. One drifts through your fingers and the other fades from your mind until they are gone.

As a writer, I find describing a sound is harder than describing an object. A picture or an object or a location is easier because I can see it. Well, what’s a writer do?

How about a new tool that lets you hear the sound you are trying to describe?

Y’all know me. I love tech gadgets. Especially when it’s at my fingertips.

Last week I discovered several websites for sounds.

First up is…

Sounds from SoundsnapSoundsnap.com

Want to describe a gunshot? Well, SoundSnap has 4592 variations from which to choose. Choose the type…

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