Study to Make Yourself a Successful Author

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Rich authorWhat makes a writer successful?

It depends on how you define success. For some writers, it’s creating a runaway bestseller. For others it’s winning literary awards; and for still others, it’s building a reputation for writing good books and publishing them regularly, which will bring notoriety and a nice supplemental income. How you determine success depends on your current status and how much time you devote to gaining that success.

A successful writing career entails knowledge of the craft

First, a successful writer needs a command of language. That command means studying the craft of writing. Yes, spellcheck and writing apps can help a great deal, but if you don’t know the difference between words that sound alike but are spelled differently, spellcheck can’t help you. Can you incorporate symbolism into your book via figures of speech? Are you adept at using universal symbols, or hiding symbolism so it’s unobtrusive…

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