Do you want a good writing cheat sheet?

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I love finding great writing tips!

Thanks, today goes to Patricia Lynne for ways to substitute the word very.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get into a very rut. I try not to worry about using words like very when in draft mode. But when it comes time to edit, that word needs to get scarce.

And that’s where Patricia’s cheat sheet comes in handy.

If you’re searching for an expression to explain how very excited (psyched) a character is, check out her post and learn how to avoid very. 

Or if you are very tired (weary) of using crutch words you might want to click on  OneLook Reverse Dictionary. Just type in the phrase and up pops suggestions. Give it a try and begin your own vocabulary cheat sheet. Excel and Microsoft Word are perfect for making your own list.

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