Wishing You and Your Family

From My Family to You and Yours

Wow! It’s been a rush, and Christmas is here. Can you believe it? I hope you’re ready or almost. Cleaning? Check. Presents? Check. Wrapped? Check. Decorations? Check. Now, for the cooking. We’re starting some of that tonight and will do the rest tomorrow. We eat our biggest meal of the year on Christmas Day.

The present scare was averted. I had ordered my youngest grandson, six-years old, his favorite basketball star’s jersey. It was supposed to be here, at the latest on December 13. It was shipped November 27th. Plenty of time, right? Not. The 13th came and went without the package. My youngest son was to come by on Friday to get the gifts to take to Charlotte for me. This included my grandson’s.

I told my son on Thursday, “You should call to make sure I have everything before you come.” He has been working extra hours this week. He’s the manager of a retail store. So this is his busiest time of year, and I didn’t want him to drive forty-five minutes and back when everything wouldn’t be ready for him.

The package finally arrived at 2:15 p.m. on Friday and everything was ready when he came. Phew!

So what’s next?

Decluttering the house. I’m so sick of the clutter. I’ve already started. I was able to remove a filing cabinet from the den. It was for bills, insurance, etc. I downsized to two plastic file carriers. I’ll keep one filing cabinet in the library slash office, but the rest need to go. We have one tall and two short ones right now. They also hold warranties for household, lawn, and gardening objects. This will be my main New Year’s resolution, but right now, I just want to get the main part of the house decluttered. We worked on that today. Between our stuff and the dogs, we’re overrun.

It’s really ridiculous. The kids are grown. We don’t need all this S T U F F. After the decluttering comes the fixing. We need to do so much work to the house. Mostly we need to paint, a new ceiling in one room, new flooring in two other rooms, and new kitchen cabinets. What irritates you the most about your home?


As a gift, I have set up a giveaway for book 4 of the Lana Malloy series, Christmas Cruise, for 10 lucky winners. The giveaway will run until Dec 26, 2017 11:59 PM PST. I set this up through Amazon and I’m sorry, because Only residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia will be eligible to enter. This is a private giveaway just for my newsletter subscribers and blog readers. I’d had it just for the newsletter subscribers but the 10 copies just aren’t going quick enough. Most of them had already purchased the book to my delight. Just click here for a chance to win.

  • Winner: Every eligible entry has 1 in 25 chance to win, up to 10 winners.
  • Requirements for participation:
    • 18+ years of age (or legal age)
    • Resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia

Book Deals!

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I think that’s it for 2017. I wish you all a joyful holiday and the happiest New Year ever. Don’t forget to fill up those new eReaders with your favorite books. I’m just saying, if that’s what you get. If you haven’t had a chance or if you have, I add books every day or so, check out my Christmas Specials page at my website. This page will run through December.

I would love to hear what your favorite gift is after the season is over. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy it.

Until next time, keep reading!


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