Tis the season . . .

Lantern With Fir Branches On Snow

Tis the season to be jolly but also to be busy.

First snowfall of the season came a little over a week ago. It turned out to be huge. First, the forecast had called for one to two inches of the fluffy white stuff, but come the day before, the inches were added two to four inches, then four to six inches, and so on. We ended up with almost twelve inches. It seems the jet stream took an unexpected shift north, causing the storm to hit us harder than anticipated.

Photo of my back yard after a couple of hours.backYard

After two more hours – Photo of the outside of my yard


I’m not sure why they came out black and white.

This storm ran all the way south to Georgia where in some parts of North Atlanta received about as much as we did in the North Carolina Mountains. The day before all of this, at the day job, we had our Annual Recognition Luncheon. The North Henderson High School Wind Ensemble performed during the luncheon. Video here. They were excellent.

Christmas Preparations

I finished my Christmas shopping last week. Well, I am still waiting for a couple of deliveries. Now for the wrapping. Ugh! My husband, Lee, decorated a Christmas tree in the back yard, and finished carving Rudolph. Lee’s a chainsaw artist and you can check out his art here, but here’s a photo of Rudolph that Lee carved and my brother-in-law took a picture.


Writing Updates

Nanowrimo ended November 30, 2017 and I didn’t make the 50K word goal. 😦 The book I was writing, I’d hoped to release in January or shortly after. However, I only completed a bit over the halfway point because my story, much like the snow storm, took an unexpected turn. Not the main character, but nonetheless, an important character which I’d planned to be included in the story to the end was murdered. So now I have to replan the rest of the story. This is both exasperating and exhilarating. While it’s irritating to have to plan the last half again, it’s exciting to see where it will now lead.

New Website – I spent a week working on this and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

Book Cover Winner – For the Defense

My readers voted and chose #19 with 22 our of 29 votes. Runners up were #6 and #12, and I have to say, #19 is also my favorite of the six. Here’s the cover you chose, and thank you again for voting. It helps me so much.


Christmas Book Discounts and Sales

I reached out to a few author friends and asked them if they’d like to help me offer their Christmas-themed, on sale books on my newsletter, website, and blog. The last time there were six of these books. This week I have added two more.

My two books are still on sale:

CC-cover     LE-cover

Only 99-Cents for a short time. Just click on the covers to learn more.

The next two are from authors: Debra Dunbar and Merrie Destefano. Both books are 99 cents for a short time. Get them before the price goes up. All are Christmas-themed. Click on the cover to snag your very own copy today.

FTC-cover    FLAL-cover

Aren’t those covers beautiful. You can also grab a copy of these and other discounted books on my BRAND NEW website.  You’ll find books from 99 cents to $2.99. Just click here to get there.

Did you know that most authors offer those who purchase their print books a discount on Kindle? For example, most of my Kindle books are only 99 cents when you purchase a print book. So if you plan to purchase a print book for a friend you can also get the Kindle for for less than a dollar.

Until next time, keep on reading,
Kim Cox, Author of Paranormal, Mystery, and Romance


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