Hope, Fear, and… Shopping for Books at Amazon



When browsing for a book (or other product) at Amazon, it’s amazing how much hope, fear, and other emotions factor into the shopping experience.

Whether you’re a customer, an author, or an Amazon seller, it may be worthwhile to take a moment to try to understand the psychology of Amazon sales.

Imagine yourself staring at a book detail page at Amazon.com, considering a book that caught your attention.

There are two types of criteria that may influence whether or not you purchase the book:

  • You may apply logical reasoning.
  • You may be influenced by your emotions.

For most customers, both aspects may factor into the purchase decision. Some customers generally rely much more on one aspect than the other.

It may not even be a conscious decision. Many people are influenced by emotional responses without even realizing it. Sometimes the emotional aspect is subtle. Sometimes it may…

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4 thoughts on “Hope, Fear, and… Shopping for Books at Amazon

  1. Interesting point in this article that the shorter title, 1 – 3 words, are more effective. I never really thought about that when choosing a title. Two of my books are 3-word titles and the third book is one word. I have short stories on Amazon that are longer than 3 words. Sometimes all the analysis can be maddening. I do think the best thing a new or unknown author can do to attract readers is have a really good cover that truly reflects the story.

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    • Thank you for stopping by, Paula. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I have really never thought about an exact number but do try to keep them short. Most of my titles have 2 to 3 words, but I have a short story and two novellas that have 4. The ones that have 4 words have at 1 to 3 short words like a, her, get, or, out, by, etc. I guess the writer of “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” didn’t agree. 😀 There’s always another side.

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