Day 1 of The 12 Days of Indie Books

Welcome to Our Write Side Presents: 12 Days of Indies. From December 1st thru December 12th, bringing you a host of delicious books all on sale for the Holidays. The prices range from $2.99 to free.

Challenge: Purchase at least 1 book from the list each day. At the end, each should have 12 books to read for next year! how awesome is that?

A Special Holiday gift! Subscribe to Our Write Side newsletter, as that’s where the announcement will be when the 12 Days of Indie ends.

Each time you purchase a book, enter your receipt into the rafflecopter as one entry towards a drawing for this beautiful Collectible mug.



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We have an awesome mix of books from $2.99 to free, from Fantasy to horror, and about everything in between, so be sure to come back each day to see the list for that day.

And today’s top picks are:

This Paranormal Romance is available for $2.99

Learn More

This dark fantasy anthology is available for $2.99

Learn More

This beautiful Urban Fantasy is available for $1.99

Learn More

This delightfully diverse book of poetry is only 99¢

Learn more

This erotic tale is listed as free for the next 12 days.

Learn more


So many fun options. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments which book you chose, and enter the rafflecopter for a chance at an awesome goodie!

Tune in tomorrow for another fun list of books on sale!

Until next time,

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