A podcast a day will make you a better writer

Jean's Writing

Well, it just might!

Especially if you check out this article I found over at Bustle.

Last week I asked what books were y’all reading and the response was amazing. I’ve got a “to read” mile long list. Should keep me knee-deep in reading material through the Christmas holidays.

So I thought maybe podcast would be the next step. Because there are times when we can’t drag along our laptop or iPad. And sometimes we do need a break from our WIP.

That’s the best thing about podcasts, no computer needed!

Work on your writing skills when you walk the dog, relax at the beach, ride a car, plane or train. While others are rocking tunes you are rocking podcasts.

20 Podcasts About Writing That Will Have You Penning A Bestselling Novel In No Time by E. CE MILLER

I know which one I’m starting with, Magic Lessons. Especially…

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