How to start tweeting like a pro right now

Jean's Writing

And boy o boy, I need to start tweeting more.

Up until now, I’ve been so lame. That’s right, a lame tweeter. But not for long.

Why? I want to be good on social media and don’t want to do anything half-assed. Even tweeting.

This morning I was excited to read an email from Suzanne Bowditch on how to do just that, tweet like a pro.(click to tweet)

Suzanne gave five good tips on what to do to engage with others on Twitter. Here is what mined from her great post.

  1. People love freebies- so promote free products even if it’s not yours.
  2. Ask a question- yes but also answer questions with questions.
  3. Want retweets, ask for them true- but don’t forget to retweet others.
  4. Use the right hashtag- but don’t go hashtag crazy.
  5. Learn from other successful tweeters.
  6. Mine – Keep tweeting, don’t give up.


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