Why My Readers Fell In Love With My Bad Guy

The Long and Short Stories of Life

I certainly didn’t intend to write a bad guy that my readers would love, but he just wouldn’t stay in the background. I’d intended for him to be low-key, dangerous, and despicable. However, as I added layers and brought dimension to his character, he stole the show!

If the good guys were on the page with him, I had to ensure they were bringing their A-game because his villainous personality shone so brightly that all the attention was on him whenever he appeared.

Of course he lived and dressed well and had tons of swagger. In one scene, as he leaves the heroine after sparing her, the wind catches and swirls the folds of his long coat around his legs. He turns and salutes her, fingers to forehead, before casually walking away.

My beta readers almost fainted. They wanted more of him. These crazy people even suggested that my heroine…

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