How to add wonder to your writing

Jean's Writing

I wonder what will happen next.

The dream of every writer is to make the reader question and wonder about everything happening to your characters.

But how to give readers that sense of awe, curiosity, or admiration?

And more than that why do we want to achieve this lofty goal?


A sense of wonder will keep readers turning pages.

I loved this post by Janice Hardy.

Janice put a different twist on the usual questions writers ask. And a different twist for me means a new twist for my readers.


  • don’t be predictable
    • delicious or poison
    • dead-end or right destination
  • make the reader worry
    • success and failure,
    • secrets and truths
    • a clean the kitchen or a bloody mess
  • a hook in the beginning and triggers throughout
    • good fisherman plays with the fish, so does a good writer

When the reader needs to catch their breath is the time…

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