Is this the next great thing for writers?

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Have you considered submitting a story for a podcast?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t given it a lot of thought.

Not sure why. My sister submitted one of hers to No Extra Words, and it sounds terrific. You can listen to “Life in Repetition” by Sheila M Good in Episode 35  But me,  I’m still a bit unsure about the medium.

On YouTube, you can find everything from How to write fiction, to Horror Animated Stories. Seems there are a more ways to tell your story than just putting words on paper.

There are lots of places to you can submit a Flash Fiction and Short Story Podcast. If you’re ready, check out the following websites.

11 Podcasts That Want Your Writing Lists and Round Ups, Tips & Tricks by Susan Maccarelli

No Extra Words

Writing Class Radio

The Lapse True Stories

Story Story Podcast 

Have you submitted…

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