How To Survive Taking More Than Half An Hour To Explain Your Story Premise #SundayBlogShare #Writer


If you’ve never experienced this situation as a writer – you haven’t lived!

You have been hammering out your story for ages. In your head this story is AMAZING! You only have to think about the opening scene and your heart starts to gallop. It’s so different and unique. There is a lot going on too with a cast of thousands and an array of plot threads, but that doesn’t both you. This is an epic tale which, if turned into a film would be at least….six hours long.

When you are not writing you areprancing around the living room in your PJs with a huge goofy smile, plastered across your mush. Your Gratitude Diaryis full of ‘thank you for blessing me with something truly wonderful,’ and‘I have so much love for my creative muse right now, I will be eternallygrateful for what they have given me -invisible…

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