Style & Profile Book Series – 7-Day Blog Tour

Hi and Happy Sunday!

You can learn more about me, my fiction characters, my writing style, etc., check out my check out my 7-day blog tour and be eligible to win prizes when the tour is over. The tour is sponsored by 4WillsPublishing.

Each time you visit a blog and leave a comment gives you an extra chance to win. For example, if you visit every blog on the tour and leave a comment, that gives you 7 chances to win a prize. Visit the blogs listed below. You’ll find a link to each blog for each day HERE. See the blog tour line up to find out which blog is scheduled for which day.


1st Prize – (1 winner) $10 Amazon Gift Card and an ebook copy of All This Time
2nd Prize – (4 winners) ebook copy of All This Time

Blog Tour Line Up:

Sunday, 6/25/17 – About The Main Characters
Craig Boyack
Monday, 6/26/17 – Author Interview
Charles W. Jones
Tuesday, 6/27/17 – Becoming an Indie Author
A. M. Manay
Wednesday, 6/28/17 – How I Started Writing
D. L. Finn
Thursday, 6/29/17 – My Writing Style
Beem Weeks
Friday, 6/30/17 – Radio – Character Interview
Shirley Harris-Slaughter
Saturday, 7/1/17 – Writing the Series
Bette Stevens

Note: If you already purchased All This Time, you’ll be able to substitute it for a different title from the list below:
Suspicious Minds (Stand alone Romantic Suspense)
The Wedding Crasher
(Book 3 – Lana Malloy series)
Christmas Cruise 
(Book 4 – Lana Malloy series)
Dream, Conquer, and Love (short story collection)
Wandering Spirits I (5 authors, 5 novellas, & 1 short story)
Wandering Spirits II (5 novellas and bonus recipes)

Message: For a limited time, Haunted Hearts is FREE and you can receive a second book in the paranormal mystery series Get Our or Die Free by clicking the title.

Reminder: The Pre-Order price for my new release, Before We Wed, is only $2.99. This introductory price will go up on release day: Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Buy Links:
BEFORE WE WED – Book 2, Style & Profile series- Release Date – June 27, 2017
PRE-ORDER NOW for the introductory promotion price $2.99:
ALL THIS TIME: Book 1, Style & Profile series will be on sale at 99 cents until July 1:

Tranquil garden bench surrounded by cherry blossom trees

Again, to be eligible for the prizes, just visit the blogs listed above and leave a comment. You’ll find a link to each blog for each day HERE. See the blog tour line up to find out which blog is scheduled for which day.


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