Rave Reviews Book Club is Paying It Forward for Author @Mark_MGiblin

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Good Morning Readers!

Today, June 23, Rave Reviews Book Club is “Paying It Forward” by devoting this entire day to promoting others. It is with great pleasure that I present Mark Giblin, the author of the exciting, true adventure, Speed Bump Himalayas. The book details Mark’s mishaps and escapades during a journey to the Himalayas.

Mark Giblin

“Only go home when you’re half mad, half dead, or both.”—Mark Giblin

“It’s 1987, and Mark Giblin has just discovered the perfect escape from the brawling pubs and concrete towers of Thatcher’s Britain.
India: mountains, beaches, chaotic, crumbling cities and an endless scope for travelling mayhem. His mate – a young Sean Lock – joins him, but their trip starts badly.
Once Sean regains his senses after landing in steaming hot, pre-monsoon Delhi, the pair stumble through Kashmir and Nepal on a ludicrous quest for fun. But on a remote mountain track, Mark discovers something far worse than the boredom of English suburbia, and…

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