Do you need suggestions for a more successful blog?

Jean's Writing

Everyone wants to write a successful blog.

Even fiction writers.

And now I’ve discovered a new (new to me) term that might help.

Evergreen content

If you’re like me, the word evergreen brings to mind shrubs, trees and other foliage that stay green all year. But here is another definition of this adjective–retainingitsrelevance,popularity,usefulness,etc.;enduring.

So just how does Evergreen Content apply to a blog?

Write useful content that endures season after season will keep readers coming back.

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that your blog, the one you’ve spent countless hours writing, will endure?

Me too!

A recent article by  ELISE DOPSON  – The Key to Creating a Successful Blog: Evergreen Content, explains how to write a blog post that endures.

Here is what I learned from her article.

  1. Don’t jump at the latest fad because what’s in vogue today may…

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