Do you have a favorite first line?

Jean's Writing

A killer sentence that enticed you to keep reading?

You know what I mean. One sentence that draws you to the next like breadcrumbs along a deserted trail. You just have to know what the hell is going on.

I’ve read tons about hooking the reader. Bet you have too. Some authorities insist the hook must be the first paragraph, others first page and still others maintain a writer can take an entire chapter to grab the reader.

But, there is something to be said about a great first line.

Google best or favorite first lines in a book and you’ll get lots of links to hundreds of classics. But what about more current books?

What book have you read recently that had a killer first line?

I’d love to know. Do share!

Here are some of mine.

“They say I died.” Fortier, Anne. Juliet: A Novel 

“Moonlight played tricks…

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