7 Tips to Fighting with Strength

Legends of Windemere

There are many ways to fight.  Possibly as many as there are protagonists since everyone is a little different.  Yet, there are three schools that can be focused on.  As long as you don’t include magic and range weapons, which is why Nyx has been sent on vacation for the next three posts.  Although, she does get her picture here since her non-magic fighting style is strength-based.  So, what are some tips to fighting with a focus on strength?

  1. The character needs muscles or a reason why they’re slender with the power of a heavyweight boxer.  Body type is always something to consider to make the style seem believable.  Timoran destroying enemies with his axe doesn’t really work if he’s 5 feet tall and 90 lbs.  Now, I did mention that Nyx uses a style like this because she has been trained by Timoran.  She has a toned physique and…

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