Book Review: Beyond the Hidden Sky (Star Trails Tetralogy, #1) by Marcha A. Fox @startrailsIV

About The AuthorMARCHA

Marcha Fox is a prolific writer who has addressed a wide variety of subjects but her favorite is science fiction. It began as a love of astronomy which eventually led to a bachelor of science degree in physics from Utah State University followed by a 21 year career at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where she held a variety of positions including technical writer, engineer and eventually manager. Her NASA experiences included trips to Cape Canaveral in Florida, visiting other NASA centers in Mississippi, Alabama and Maryland as well as trips to the European Space Agency in The Netherlands but the most memorable was the sad task of helping to recover space shuttle debris in East Texas following the tragic Columbia accident in 2003.

Her Star Trails Tetralogy Series incorporates her knowledge of physics and space travel within a family saga set on a primitive planet where survival is an ongoing struggle which is further complicated by political intrigue. While some of the science is speculative, her goal is to represent it as accurately as possible so that her readers learn accurate principles in a painless, entertaining manner within the context of the story. More information on the individual novels in this series, the science behind them as well as the status of the fourth and final volume can be found on

Never at a loss for something to do, she enjoys gardening, her two Bengal cats, family history and pursuing her study of the heavens in yet another realm, that of astrology. Her astrology clients span the globe, accessing her through her expansive and informative website at She has authored a variety of books on the subject, taught online for the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), spoken at conferences and individual groups, and published articles in the journal of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR).


She is the mother of six grown children, 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and has lived in New York, California and Utah before making her home in Texas.

About The Book

MARCHA.FOX-BTHSMoving to another planet is never easy. It’s even harder when you never arrive…
Laren Brightstar knows he’s a target since refusing to work for Augustus Troy. Accepting the chief terralogist position on the other side of the galaxy seems like the simplest solution. Getting there, however, isn’t. Not with a teenage daughter like Creena.
She’s Intelligent.
She’s a rebel.
And now she’s missing.
In deep space.
Was it an accident? Or abduction?
Either way he has to find her. Before Troy does. And somehow he knows life will never be simple again.

My Review

Enjoyable Sci-Fi Adventure

“Beyond the Hidden Sky” is an enjoyable science fiction adventure. The main character, Creena Brightstar, relies on her wits and gut feelings among a people who apply logic and order. They can’t understand her. Her curiosity gets her into trouble when she’s thrust into an adventure that takes her to unknown worlds where there are dangerous manipulators who want her to do their bidding. Creena has the ability to fool those who believe they know what she will do in the situations set before her but are surprised each time they fail to intercept her.

Ms. Fox’s scientific expertise is immediately apparent in the story. I enjoyed the well-written and  well-plotted story, and the amazing characterization. It’s a wonderful story that I would recommend to readers of all ages, and I look forward to reading the rest of the Star Trails Tetralogy.

Purchase your copy of Beyond the Hidden Sky today!

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