Things You Learn A Year Into Writing A Novel #MondayBlogs #Writers


It is now over a year since I first started writing my debut novel.

Itfeels like a long time to me but in the novel-writing world its pretty short.In this article from Bustle it reportedly took journalist Margaret Mitchell 10 years to write and publish her staggering Civil War-era tome, Gone With the Wind. It took author Audrey Niffenegger over four years to write The Time Traveler’s Wife (and another seven to complete Her Fearful Symmetry).

I believe once you pass the twelve month mark of writing a novel you are in a different head space. The passionate love affair that you and your novel embarked upon during those first few months is well and truly over. Things which concerned you during the first few months ofnovel-writing like the names of characters, the title, the opening chapter and whether or not you will reach your 70k final word count…

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