The Romance of Eowain Amazon Kindle Giveaway!


In anticipation of the forthcoming release of The Wedding of Eithne on 25 April, we’re sponsoring another amazing giveaway!

Their families have feuded for a generation. Marriage between their two clans would bring peace.

The Matter of Manred Continues…

The Romance of Eowain Amazon Kindle Giveaway, from Michael E. Dellert

The Romance of Eowain is the exciting fantasy adventure romance that tells the tale of
Eowain and Eithne’s short and tumultuous engagement!

But Hedge King Eowain’s bride-to-be has a right to refuse his marriage suit,
and she withholds her decision like a badge of honor.

Meanwhile, his cousin Tnúthgal jealously covets his throne,
a renewed threat of banditry endangers his people,
rival heroes emerge to challenge his reign,
and the priests of the Order of the Drymyn have their own mysterious interest in Eowain’s wedding plans!

Join this limited time Amazon Giveaway
to earn your chance at a copy of

the exciting, full-length adventure novel, The Romance of Eowain!



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