From Rough Draft to Finished Manuscript: Guest Post by Andy Peloquin


Over the last thirteen weeks and more, I’ve shared with you my own process for rewriting the first draft of your novel manuscript. But is it my way or the highway? Hardly. And thankfully, I’ve got Andy Peloquin back with me today to share his own revision process. Andy is the author of The Queen of Thieves series and The Last Bucellari series. Book Three of The Last Bucellari:Gateway to the Past, publishes today!

Rewriting 101: How I Turn Rough Drafts into Finished Manuscripts

How does Andy Peloquin get from First Draft to Finished Manuscript? Andy Peloquin, Author

Unless your name is Stephen King or Brandon Sanderson, it’s highly unlikely that your first manuscript is ready for publishing. No matter how great a first draft is, it’s never quite good enough. There are always typos, syntax errors, plot holes, grammatical problems, and character inconsistencies.

(In my current WIP, it turns out my character got out of bed twice…

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