Book Review: “Trafficking” by Bill Ward

About The AuthorBILL.WARD

Bill’s love of reading commenced at a very young age. He credits his Gran for encouraging his interest by regularly taking him to the local library after primary school. At boarding school, when the lights went out in his dormitory, he was often encouraged by the other boys to tell stories. English Literature was always his favourite school subject.

A long and successful career in IT saw him live and travel all over the world. With hindsight it was the start of his writing fiction but they were called business proposals in those days!

Having always enjoyed different cultures, the one life lesson Bill has learned is “wherever you go you will find good and bad people. This is not determined by colour, race, religion or country.”

Recently retired from the corporate world, Bill has finally fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become an author and has now written seven thrillers, with the expectation of many more to follow.

Bill lives in Brighton, UK with his German partner and has seven daughters, a son, two horses, a dog and two cats! When he’s not writing he’s probably watching his football team West Brom, who he has now been watching for over fifty years!

About The Book

BILL.WARD-TRAFFICKINGTrafficking is big business and those involved show no remorse, have no mercy, only a deadly intent to protect their income.

Afina is a young Romanian girl with high expectations when she arrives in Brighton but she has been tricked and there is no job, only a life as a sex slave.

Facing a desperate future, Afina tries to escape and a young female police officer, who comes to her aid, is stabbed.

Powell’s life has been torn apart for the second time and he is determined to find the man responsible for his daughter’s death.

Action, violence and sex abound in this taut thriller about one of today’s worst crimes.

My Review

Disturbing Gripping Read

This is a very disturbing read, especially when you think about it in real-life terms. Shortly after reading this, I listened to a radio show dedicated to helping women and children, victims of human trafficking in India. To think that sometimes parents sold their children into this life is disconcerting. However, that’s not how it happened in Bill Ward’s novel, Trafficking. In his novel young women were tricked into taking a job that offered them a better life in another country. This too truly happens.

Mr. Ward has created strong characters and a true hero, Powell, who is out to find justice for his daughter’s murder. Although Powell would prefer revenge to justice, he knows his daughter wouldn’t want that and he abides by her wishes.

This is a character-driven, fast-paced read that you don’t want to miss. I look forward to reading, Abuducted – Book 2 in the Powell series.

Purchase your copy of Trafficking today!

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