What Am I Working On? Glad You Asked…

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

poggi-cover-final This is one hilarious book, trust me.

Poggibonsi has been written for a while and it’s been edited, so why isn’t it released?


I have a list of crutch words I need to review in it, and a couple of lines to revise.

Really? That’s it???

Hey, when did you get so crabby??? Look at this list of stuff I need to do:

  1. numbers: write out or not
  2. fix the text conversation: add beats, ch 1 sam/mike
  3. fix text conversation at end of ch 2
  4. ch 7 to 8 = chapter break/broken scene; same at 8-9
  5. lots of chapters start w dialogues

Crutch words/number of time they appear in manuscript (Poggi is over 100k)

  1. Look 415
  2. just 357
  3. smile/smiled 183
  4. went 147
  5. maybe 152
  6. glanced 67
  7. shrug 67
  8. shrugged 59
  9. nod 187
  10. nodded 170
  11. nodding 14
  12. Sniffled 21, look for variations
  13. sniffle
  14. moment 58
  15. just 356
  16. really from ch…

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