13 Week Rewrite: Week Eight – Act Two, the Sequel


At this point in your story, the stakes are rising. The story may be turning in a new direction and the challenge in the rewrite is to allow this to happen. You may not have seen the most dynamic possibilities in your first draft, and now, as you glimpse new possibilities for the characters, you may fear that tackling them will collapse your story. This is likely not the case — however, if you’re not willing to allow your idea of the story to collapse, you may not fully investigate these new possibilities.

Some questions to consider as you move into the second half of Act Two:

  • Are you noticing how your heroine’s want never changes, while her approach to getting what she wants is constantly changing as the result of her worthy antagonists?
  • Are the stakes rising through complication between your heroine and her antagonists?
  • How has your heroine’s…

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