How to Write a Page-Turner

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Enjoying a good book A young woman reading a page-turner

Hey fiction writers, what do you want most? Huge sales and lots of money, or do you want a reputation as a writer extraordinaire? You say both? Then you need to supercharge your storytelling and make your book a page-turner.

We all know people who tell the best stories. They are the ones the family turns to on special occasions because they will tell the story right. It won’t drag. They’ll hit all the high points, skip the boring details, and make everyone feel like they were there.

These storytellers create excitement by telling the story at a brisk pace, using plain, stripped-down dialogue, and cutting straight to the action.

A fiction writer should do the same thing. Most any writer can tell a decent story. The plot is probably as good as any plot, but with all of the writers out there…

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