13 Week Rewrite: Week Six – False Victory


This week your hero will experience something that leads her to believe there’s a chance she’ll achieve her goal. This is a critical point, because without it, your reader won’t understand the meaning the hero ascribes to her goal.

Each story point is built upon the previous story point. The hero’s decision at the end of Act One provides the context for this moment of false hope, which then informs the midpoint, and so on. By putting your protagonist in a situation that causes her to believe that she has a chance at achieving her goal, you’re providing a glimpse of the power of your hero’s will.

Often, the experience of victory temporarily overshadows the underlying struggle. Winning the battle is mistaken for winning the war. Again, it is the difference between solving a problem and resolving a plight; this point in the story is an opportunity to show your…

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