Do you want to write stronger first person narrative?

Jean's Writing

Ever feel like your first person POV is a little weak?

Me too!

I love finding just the right information at just the right time.

Recently, I posted thoughts on writing in different point of views, and what do you know…

I opened my email and read a post by Janice Hardy about writing in the 1st person. I love tips and tricks that make writing easier and hers are top-notch.

Here is what I learned reading her post.

  • Know when the story happened.
    • Is character remember or experiencing the events?
    • Current in the moment events and the protagonist is in the dark as much as the reader.
  • Know how much distance is between my character and the events.
    • Distance in time and space determine the details.
    • Distance determines how fresh their wounds or experiences.
  • Know how objective or emotional my character is because of the events.
    • Time and distance can…

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