Book Review: “Haunting Megan” by Rebecca Reilly

About The Authorrebecca

Rebecca Reilly is a pastor and has been working in ministry for over thirty years. A wife and mother of two and grandmother of one, Rebecca enjoys hiking, jogging, and taking cruises. When she’s in her Northern California home, she works as a pastor of student ministries, a massage therapist, a health coach, and a writer. Rebecca enjoys writing mysteries (Into Dark Waters and Haunting Megan), but has also written humor (Diary of a Christian Woman: How I Used 50 Shades of Grey to Spice Up My Marriage), a children’s chapter book (The Geek Club), and two picture books (Heart of a Kitty and Jammers and His Flying Bed Adventure). Right now, Rebecca is working on follow- up novels in all four genres.
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About The Book

hmAfter suffering years of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother, Megan wakes to screams, cries of murder, and the room splattered with blood. Sent to the mountains to live with the grandfather who d once abandoned them, Megan must learn to care for her young sisters and manage Wind Hollow Lodge. Megan tries to ignore the haunting memories of her past as she struggles to live a normal life. But she can t ignore the ghosts who terrorize her, nor can she calm the fear that her sanity is slipping away. When deputies discover the bodies of men murdered on Wind Hollow land, people start to wonder just how crazy Megan Wilson really is. The investigation at Wind Hollow Lodge is just another case to Deputy Jason Belt until he sees Megan. Drawn to her beauty and her wounded spirit, his oath to protect and serve takes on new meaning. But why did she lie to him? What does she have to hide?

My Review

Hold Onto Your Seat for an Emotional Ride

Haunting Megan pulls at the heartstrings as Megan struggles through an abusive family life. When she finally feels safe, life happens and throws her into turmoil again.

I absolutely loved this story. Cried, laughed, and celebrated with the main characters. This book had a little of everything romance, paranormal, suspense, family drama, and mystery all wrapped in a well-written, well-paced novel. I couldn’t put it down.

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