13-Week Rewrite, Week Three: The Counter-Argument


Thanks for joining me again! Last week, you started from the beginning, re-writing through the opening act of your first draft. You set a weekly and daily goal for yourself, you pumped up the tension in your opening, you laid the ground-work for the average work-a-day world of your protagonist, and you explored the primary question underlying the inciting incident: “Why is today unlike every other day?” This week, we look at the Counter-Argument.

Rewriting the Counter-Argument

The Counter-Argument is the opposite side of your story question coin, the resistance against which your heroine struggles through the rest of the story. This counter-argument should be presented to the reader roughly 2/3rds of the way through your opening act.

(I’m assuming a classic Three-Act Structure here: Beginning, Middle, and End. With other act structures, your mileage may vary, but the principle is the same; the Counter-Argument is introduced about 15%…

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