Book Review: “Waterlilies Over My Grave” by Patricia A. Guthrie


Hello! Patricia Guthrie (Pat) speaking:

“I am an author, reader/reviewer, singer, musician, RETIRED music teacher, equestrienne, dog handler and animal advocate. (beside other things.) Above all, I’m always looking for potential plots. Maybe you’ll find yourself in one of my books? You never know. (check out “In the Arms of the Enemy,” “Waterlilies Over My Grave” and “Legacy of Danger”)”


Patricia A. Guthrie began as an opera singer turned music teacher until she transferred skills and began to write. She’s had short stories published in Affaire du Coeur, Skyline Literary Magazine, Collie Casette and several other publications. Her Novels “In the Arms of the Enemy,” “Waterlilies Over My Grave” and “Legacy of Danger” were published by LSP in print and on Kindle.

When not hammering on her computer or promoting her books, Guthrie loves nothing better than to ride her horse, Dixie, and play with her cat, Archie and dog Toby. They’re always ready to give a helping hand and have appeared in some of her novels. She also loves to read and write reviews for other authors on Amazon. She runs the writing group “Writer’s Rock” on Facebook and is active in Rave Review Book Club as well as several others. Other groups she’s been part of are: Sisters in Crime, Murder Must Advertise, Romance Writers of America. All worthwhile endeavors for upcoming authors.

Famous quote? “The hardest thing about writing is finishing it.” Ernest Hemingway.

Ms Guthrie has Masters degree in Music, and sang in opera houses in the US and Europe as her major career choice. After leaving the world of opera, she decided to teach music in Chicago where she taught emotionally challenged children before transferring to the public school system in the inner city.

“Please check out my books: I write romantic suspense novels–Legacy of Danger a paranormal romantic suspense and Waterlilies Over My Grave a Psychological thriller (I do get muddled with the genre, as I love to mix them.”

“Every experience is potential fodder for a novel.” Patricia A. Guthrie not a famous quote




After a nasty divorce, Psychologist, Annabelle O’Brien moves across country to take a job in the resort town of Lake Nager. Her ex-husband psychotic psychiatrist, Duncan Byrne, follows her with deadly intentions. Her only hope is a burn-out and hostile Detective, Mark Driscoll, who she’s recommended take a mandatory vacation. To the horror of both, he’s assigned to protect her.

After a series of attacks threaten her and two ladies who resemble Annie are murdered, a town is held hostage with fear, and Mark and Annie must work together to catch the killer before he catches them.

Water Lilies Over My Grave is a psychological suspense novel about relationships; good ones, bad ones and obsessive ones.


Fast-Paced, Realistic, Psychological Thriller

Excellent read that kept me turning the pages. Getting into the mind of a psychotic killer isn’t easy, but Patricia Guthrie does an excellent job. All the characterization is well done, but especially the antagonist who is one sick puppy. There are a few formatting problems but they did not distract from the story. I recommend WATERLILIES OVER MY GRAVE to everyone who loves a good thriller.

Get your copy of Waterlilies Over My Grave today!

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