Do you know how to write a synopsis or summary?

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I’ve got about ten different ones written different summaries, synopsis or whatever for the same WIP. Yes, you heard right. I don’t like any of them, but I keep trying. 

That’s why I was so excited to read this post today. 

I loved howBridget from Now Novel, has a no-nonsense approach to writing a synopsis. 

Hand slap to the forehead, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Jean.

Sometimes I need to be reminded to stop adding purple prose and keep to the facts.

Remember the synopsis is the appetizer, a teaser, something to tantalize the would be reader. Not a the CliffNotes version. If you tell them too much, they may not have an incentive to read the book. 

Stick to the facts, sprinkle with a tiny bit of spice, so the synopsis won’t be bland, and stir lightly. 

Now go read Bridget’s post and see if these 9 Tips help you any. 

How to write a…

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