15 Things You Stop Noticing When You Are Trying to Finish Your Book #MondayBlogs #AmWriting



Trying to finish your book is a weird stage of the literary process. Your book starts to consume you and eventually it blocks out normal life.

Here are some things you stop noticing during this strange time:

  1. The weather. You no longer feel the heat or the cold when you are getting close to finishing your book. This is the book writing stage where you can go out in the rain, without an umbrella and not notice that you are soaked to the skin after five minutes.
  2. Popular TV series. People around you will talk about some popular TV series and all you can do is stare blankly at them.
  3. Facebook. You struggle to keep up with your FB news feed and the social adventures of FB friends.
  4. Social activity of your loved one. They could be painting the town red and you wouldn’t notice.
  5. The cat’s mental state. Prior…

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