How To Remain Patient With Your Favourite Author #SundayBlogShare #Books #Author



It is not easy waiting for your favourite author to bring out their next book.

After binge reading all their books, fangirling them by email and social media, all you can do is sit and wait for their next offering.

This agonising waiting period will involve some serious finger drumming, a lot of social media stalking and you forcing yourself to enjoy other books (written by other authors – gasp!).

You will find yourself saying things like “how long does it take to write a book eh?” and “what is she / he doing…seriously it has been MONTHS!” 

And then that empty feeling inside you sets in. It is going to be a long and cruel wait.

Your literary pain will intensify when your favourite author sends you a newsletter with either a small taster of their next book (for noting: it will sound AMAZING and may even leave you…

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