5 Stages of Being Obsessed With Your First Chapter #SundayBlogShare #AmWriting



First chapter obsession is a known form of literary hell. Sadly there is no escape.

There are five stages and they might go something like this…

  1. Unrealistic expectations.With a goofy smile on your face and a head full of characters, plots and adverbs, you set out to write your literary masterpiece. As with any creative project you kick things off by setting a few unrealistic expectations; you will write a minimum of 2,000 words a day, you swear blind that you will stick rigidly to your plot plan and you will NOT get obsessed with your first chapter. In your head writers who have First Chapter OCD are newbies who have no self-control. Your first chapter is going to be amazing and will slam dunk your reader into your novel.
  2. Euphoria.You are sat in ‘Writing Corner’ squealing with literary delight at your first draft. It is quite simply…

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