Book Review: “RETURN OF THE GULLS” by Maureen McMahon


Maureen McMahon was born and raised in Michigan, but now lives in coastal Victoria, Australia. Likened in style to Mary Stewart and Barbara Michaels, she has published several novels, anthologies and short fiction pieces. A graduate of Western Michigan University, and honored as one of eleven noteworthy alumni, she has worked as a freelance journalist and as a staff writer for various magazines. She has taught creative writing locally in both the U.S. and Australia, and has taught online via her website as well as Writer’s Digest’s online school. Maureen finds inspiration and support from her husband, two children, her cats and Labradors. “I enjoy writing mystery that incorporates romance and a hint of paranormal.”


rotgGull Castle has dark and disturbing legends.

Return of the Gulls, the first novel of the trilogy that introduces paranormal sleuths, Stacey Christian and Peter Mansfield.

In Return of the Gulls Stacey Christian unexpectedly runs into her ex-boyfriend, Peter Mansfield, while touring Ireland. They join forces to help solve the puzzles surrounding Lady Katherine O’Flannery, Peter’s formidable great-aunt.

Finding herself implacably installed in Katherine’s eerie castle, referred to by the locals as Faoilenn Màrrach, or Gull Castle, Stacey quickly becomes obsessed with the castle’s disturbing legends – legends of suicide, desertion, embezzlement and revenge culminating in dark mysteries and ghostly hauntings.

Skepticism quickly turns to incredulity and finally terror as Stacey and Peter come face to face with a reality that neither could ever have imagined.


5+ Stars for this Gothic, Supernatural Mystery

College sweethearts, who had drifted apart, unexpectedly bump into each other in Ireland. Stacey agrees to go with Christian to investigate what’s going on at Gull Castle. Stacey ends up roaming the huge, damp, and mysterious castle on a ghost hunt while Christian finds himself bogged down in paperwork. As they both get closer to the truth in their own way, they find themselves in more than one dangerous situation. Men are willing to kill to keep their secrets safe. Stacey and Christian don’t know who to trust.

RETURN OF THE GULLS is an excellent read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. Beautifully written and well worth the time. Loved it.

This is the first in the trilogy, starring Stacey and Peter and their supernatural mysteries. Find book 2, GHOSTS OF AULD LANG SYNE, in the multi-author anthology, WANDERING SPIRITS I, and book 3, ‘NEATH HALLOWED HALLS AND IVIED WALLS is part of WANDERING SPIRITS II.

Get your copy of Return of the Gulls today.

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