The Imaginary People in a Writer’s Life #Writers #NaNoWriMo



Once I started brain storming this important literary topic I couldn’t stop!

This might surprise you, but there are quite a few imaginary people in a writer’s life.

  1. Your Creative Muse. Theexcitable, wild and uncontrollable imaginary person, who turns up whenever they feel like it. If they don’t get their own way they sulk or throw a tantrum. They will whisper stuff, making you squeal with literary excitement and force you to stay up really late exploring their ideas.
  2. Your Writer’s Intuition.As I said in my post on Sunday, I see ‘Writer’s Intuition’ as another imaginary person. They are sensible, wise and at times can offer you a guiding hand – should you choose to listen!
  3. Your Writer Demon.This cruel and unforgiving imaginary creature lurks at the back of your mind and waits for you to have a bad literary day. It will then sneak up to the…

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