17 Reasons Why Being a Little Weird is Good #MondayBlogs #MondayMotivation



Here at BlondeWriteMore we are celebrating people who are a little bit weird.

I am definitely in the ‘little bit weird’ camp. For years I worried about it and tried to be normal. After finding myself through blogging and writing I am now embracing my weirdness!

Here are some reasons why it’s good to be a little bit weird

  1. A quote from Donna Lynn Hope ‘We are a sea of ordinary people; it is always the quirk, flaw or the ingenuity that stands out.’
  2. Friendships with other people who are also a little weird are the best! Friendships which involve you pretending to be normal can be a little dull.
  3. ‘Being weird adds spice to life. Having weird friends just deepens the flavour!’ Jayelle Cochran
  4. Love this quote from Eileen Anglin – ‘I think what people call ‘weird’ comes part and parcel with people who are brillant in some…

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