Hi and “WELCOME” to Rave Reviews Book Club’s HOLIDAY TRAIN “BOOK TRAILER” BLOCK PARTY at Kim’s Author Support Blog!  Location:  North Carolina, USA.

Here’s What I’m Giving Away Today:

Suspicious Minds – Romantic Suspense ebook

Get Out or Die – Paranormal Mystery ebook

# of Winners for this stop:  2

To visit other author pages, click here.

I’d like to introduce you to my book trailer. Please take the time to check out my book, if my trailer interests you.

The Wedding Crasher Description

Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery Series – Book 3

In The Wedding Crasher, Lana and Tony get married and travel to their honeymoon destination in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Shortly after their arrival, Lana begins to have more visions about an abducted woman who’s life is in danger. With the help of a few ghosts, Lana and Tony hike the rugged terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains, hunting for a madman.

Please visit my book trailer for The Wedding Crasher here. Read a book preview.

Only $2.99 for ebook through Amazon, and Books2Read and $7.99 for print. Visit kimcoxauthor.com and Amazon to learn more about Kim Cox and her writing.

Visit Kim’s Pinterest Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery series casting page.



17 thoughts on “#RRBC HOLIDAY TRAIN “BOOK TRAILER” BLOCK PARTY! #amwriting

    • Thank you, Mary. I earned a degree in Web Technologies in 2010 and one of our assignments was to make a video, so I learned a little bit then. With that one, I had music, images, and voice to put together. It’s on YouTube also. It’s called Dupont State Forest Hiking Trail I think. It may play right after this one. Not sure.

      It had been years since I messed with it though. I used the free Movie Maker program but there’s another free program online that’s much better. Anyway, I’m still learning.

      Love your art, by the way. My husband creates chainsaw art and recently started painting.

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      • Oh so cool! A long, long time ago I used Pro Show Producer – a product many use even today for movies. There is a large learning curve with that program and I haven’t put it on my newer pc. Thank you for liking my art. Some are oil painted in the traditional way, some are my photos, some are photo manipulations. What medium does your hubby use? Oh, are you for hire regarding book trailers? I mean for my kids books.

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      • No, I don’t really have the time, but the lady who did my first book trailer of the whole series is good. Her name Kathy Golden. She did a great job. I was her test subject for a book series. I did a lot of the graphics myself, too, so she gave me a huge discount. I’m not sure how much she charges but her web site is http://www.booktrailerservices.com/.

        My husband, Lee, I think he does oil paintings. Some of his chainsaw art can be found on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/leecoxart and he has a Web site at http://leeschainsawart.com/. I’m hoping to redo his site soon. I like it but it’s a little difficult to navigate once you click on a gallery page as it takes away the headers.


  1. Fantastic trailer, Kim. I think you did a great job with it and it’s the perfect length, concisely getting the message of the book across. Wishing you tons of success and a happy party day (I left you a comment on YouTube as well). Cheers!

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    • Thank you, Mae! Making them short is hard. My next one is a bit longer. The idea was to make it less than 45 seconds so that I could fit it on Twitter without having to end it too soon. With my next trailer, it’s 1:35. Twitter may have changed that though since they stopped counting images as part of the word count. We’ll see later this month when I try to load it up.

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